Jamaica Producers Group Limited advises that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company will be held on Thursday, December 22,2002 at 10:00 am at the ROK Hotel, 2-4 King Street, Kingston.

This meeting will be held to consider the proposed combination of the material businesses of Jamaica Producers Group Limited and PanJam Investment Limited (the ‘Amalgamation’).

The Notice of EGM can be viewed here.

Details related to the rationale and process to give effect to the Amalgamation are available in the Amalgamation Booklet and Explanatory Statement which can be viewed at the link below or at on the website of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

Amalgamation Booklet and Explanatory Statement

A proxy form can be accessed below and should be submitted electronically by email to headoffice@jpjamaica.com or may be delivered to our corporate office at 4 Fourth Avenue, Newport West, no later than 48 hours before the meeting.

Proxy Form