JP investing $130 million to rehabilitate St Mary farm after TS Grace

August 26, 2021

ST MARY, Jamaica— Jamaica Producers (JP) Group says it will be spending some $130 million to support rehabilitation efforts for its farm properties in St Mary following the passage of Tropical Storm Grace.

According to the company, reports indicate that winds reached a maximum of 50 mph causing damage to the farm’s banana and plantain crops.

Overall damage included toppled and uprooted trees, lost fruit and downed sections of the farm’s overhead cable guying system.

While commending the swift action taken by staff and stakeholders, JP Group CEO Jeffrey Hall said, “our team is already in the fields. We have to salute their commitment to putting the business back together notwithstanding the challenges with transportation and childcare due to COVID-19.”

The CEO cautioned that with approximately 41 per cent of the farm faced with significant damage as a result of the direct hit by the tropical storm, there would be a shortage in bananas for the next several months.

Hall’s outlook, however, is optimistic, “Jamaica Producers is absolutely committed to restoring its banana business after Grace.” 

General Manager at JP Farms Mario Figueroa, pointed to the farm’s robust drainage system and shelter belts as key disaster mitigation strategies that assisted in saving the crops.

“Thankfully, our extensive drainage system minimised the effect of the heavy rains,” Figueroa stressed. 

“We are still assessing the impact, but I have to thank our St Mary team who have worked tirelessly to prepare, secure and now rehabilitate the fields. Many lost electricity and water supply at their homes but have been on the farm every day since then to ensure that we move quickly to bring the farm back to full health.”

JP Farms is a subsidiary of JP Group and is a leading producer of high-quality tropical foods in Jamaica grown on its 500-plus acre farm in St Mary, Jamaica.

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