JP partners with Soul Career to position leadership team for growth

September 22, 2021

Forty executives and managers from Jamaica Producers Group’s global businesses are currently participating in a transformational leadership programme as the company prepares itself for the next level of growth in line with its strategic goals as articulated by Group CEO, Jeffrey Hall, at JP’s recent Annual General Meeting.

While explaining the inspiration for the investment in the programme, JP Group CEO, Jeffrey Hall noted, “We want to ensure our business leaders are prepared for the next level of growth and expansion, in line with JP’s strategic plans for our businesses and our overall goal of tripling shareholders equity over this decade.”

United under a documented set of leadership values called ‘The JP Way’, the leadership development project is in keeping with the company’s commitment to building a working environment that cultivates a passion for contemporary and effective leadership, the company noted in a press release.

The company added that its  JP Way Leadership Project, which was launched in July, reinforces its commitment to people and talent development; bringing together teams from Jamaica, the USA, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands, and the UK to align them with cutting-edge leadership trends and practices.

The project will run for 20 weeks and has targeted leadership teams across JP Group’s businesses including Tortuga International, JP Snacks, JP Farms, JP Shipping Services, and JP Group’s Corporate office.

The JP Way Leadership Project is facilitated virtually by Soul Career, a workforce development company founded by CEO, Lisandra Rickards, with a focus on optimising the end-to-end experience of a company’s greatest asset – its people – to increase engagement and performance.

According to Simone Pearson, JP Group’s General Counsel “We identified Lisandra Rickards and the team at Soul Career to be our strategic partner on this project based on Lisandra’s proven track record in strategy and leadership and Soul Career’s impactful and visionary approach to leadership training and development.”

Expanding on the strategic offerings of The JP Way partnership, Soul Career Founder and CEO, Lisandra Rickards stated, “Psychometrics-based professional development programmes play a crucial role in maximizing employee potential and performance – resulting in a positive impact on the bottom line.  Participants are given a framework and tools to enhance their leadership capacity, develop their strategic abilities, and manage their wellbeing.”

She went further, “The JP Group executive team quickly understood the need for a modern approach to leadership development in a post-pandemic world, and the entire leadership team has been highly engaged throughout the programme. Leadership buy-in is essential for the success of people-focused programmes.”

According to Jeffrey Hall“We expect thatThe JP Way Leadership Project will contribute considerably to the strength of the Group’s people capital as we pursue global expansion together as a team.”

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