Our People

We are global employers. Our team spans 8 countries in 13 locations and consists of more than 1,000 people. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our stakeholders starts with our capable, committed team members in all of our businesses. Our people are our most valued resource.  We seek to always ensure that our team is treated fairly and with dignity, compassion, respect and consideration for their goals and aspirations.

Our Community

The stakeholders to which JP owes the greatest duty, are our shareholders, our team, our partners, our customers, our suppliers, and their families. This is our community. Our commitment to our community is built on the principles of citizenship, fair play, integrity, transparency, accountability and sustainability.

JP is Jamaican owned, however, since our inception, we have been willing to do business in any part of the world in which we are able to operate in line with our principles. Today, we are a multinational group and we see ourselves as citizens of Jamaica, and also, citizens of the many countries in which we operate.

For JP, corporate citizenship means that we feel entitled to our fair share of the common good, but we also feel duty bound to share our unique capabilities and our special resources with others.

In accordance with JP’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, we give in line with an annual plan that identifies the resources that we are able to share with our community and that brings transparency, discipline and inclusiveness to the process of setting our priorities for action. We prioritise causes that involve children, health and wellness, the environment and education because we believe that these causes are most fundamental to the sustainability of our community.

Ethics and Integrity

At JP, we are simply good people with whom to do business. Since our inception almost a century ago, we have been committed to operating in accordance with straightforward principles of fair dealing. We conduct business in an open, honest and ethical manner. We engage our stakeholders, partners, customers, suppliers and team members with a sense of integrity that is demonstrable, deeply rooted and consistent, and we demand no less from them.

The principles of ethics and accountability by which we abide are embodied in our Code of Business Ethics and Business Conduct (the ‘Code’). We obligate all our team members in every business in our Group, to strictly adhere to this Code in their business dealings and in maintaining a work environment which reflects JP’s reputation for integrity, ethical conduct and trust.  The Code is available for viewing on our website.

As producers and service providers, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality for our products and services. At JP we do not sell products or provide services which we would not want ourselves or our families to consume. We believe what we say about our products and services and we stand by the claims and promises that we make about our business.

The Environment

At JP, we believe in environmentally sustainable business practices. Our businesses interact directly and intensively with our natural environment, and so, we are committed to using the natural resources upon which we depend, sparingly and sustainably. In our businesses we deploy technology, processes and attention to detail to minimise waste. We also believe in measuring our impact on the environment and consistently assessing ways in which we can lessen any adverse impact our businesses may have on the long-term availability of our natural resources. We require all the businesses in our Group to implement and adhere to environmental policies which are applicable to the industries in which they operate, and in compliance with the relevant law.